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Going for Gold:

Angel booked a villa at Sanctuary hoping to get away from it all. What she he wasn’t expecting was the hard-bodied Olympic swimmer in the bungalow across from hers offering to help her with her strokes.


Angel dove into the water from the edge of the pool and started swimming long, slow strokes. She was not an Olympian, but she’d grown up on the Florida coast. She knew how to swim. After twenty laps, she pulled herself up on the edge of the pool near her villa and sat there, panting and catching her breath. That’s when the door to Lars’ villa opened.

He stepped out, alone, wearing a black Speedo. Closing the door behind him, he plunged into the pool and swam directly toward her. Angel watched his arms slicing the water as he got closer to her, curious, but too winded to move.

“Hi,” he said, when he reached her, brushing the water off his hair. He was smiling, but it wasn’t the same bright smile he had given the blond in the restaurant. It was different. Darker. Sexier.

He pulled himself out of the water to sit beside her. His bare thigh pressed against hers. Her eyes were drawn to his package. She couldn’t help herself. She glanced at it quickly, before looking into his eyes, but he noticed. The sexy smile returned.

“Like what you see?” he asked, teasing.

She laughed, biting her lower lip. She did like what she saw, very much.

He leaned in, whispering in her ear. “I liked what I saw. Earlier. When you were lying over there.” He reached across her to remove a strand of wet hair from her cheek, tucking it behind her ear. His forearm brushed her breast, hardening her nipple. “Touching yourself.” His fingers trailed from her cheek, down her neck to her chest. He slipped his fingers under the fabric as she had done when she was putting on the suntan oil, his fingertips grazing her areola, then going farther, finding her nipple and pinching it gently.

“Did you?” Her breath was shallow. “What did you think?” She glanced down at his Speedos. What he was thinking at the moment was easy to guess from the rapidly growing bulge.

His whole hand was cupping her breast under her top. He licked her earlobe before answering. “I was thinking that you could use some help.” He released her breast, his hand sliding down over her stomach. “And I would really like to be the one to help you.”


When Sasha agrees to be Joachim da Silva’s English tutor, she’s only hoping to make a quick buck. But the sexy Brazilian football star has an entirely different lesson in mind.


Joachim glanced over his shoulder before taking a step into the room. “Fernanda, she is old,” he explained. “And very, very Catholic. She think, man, woman together in bedroom. Boom! Baby.”

Sasha laughed, a high whinny that was so not her normal laugh. “Well, we don’t want to upset Fernanda, do we?”

Joachim shook his head. “No. But at seven, Fernanda will go for mass. Then she will go home. Then we don’t worry about Fernanda.” He flashed her the speed version of his wicked grin. “We can do what we like.”

“Like watch Casablanca?” she said.

“Sure,” he agreed. “Watch Casablanca. Read a book. Talk. Or maybe another thing.”

“Other things,” she corrected, on autopilot, riveted by his warm gaze and teasing smile.

He took a few steps closer to her. “Other things,” he repeated. “You see? You are very good teacher.”

“A very good teacher.” She felt unable to move, as powerless as mouse hypnotized by a cobra.

They were inches apart. Joachim reached out his hand to touch her cheek, cupping it with his palm. His eyes roamed over her face. “A very, very good teacher.” He lowered his face toward hers.

Runner’s High:

Two runners meet in the pre-dawn park. She plans to tease him until the breaking point, but after twisting her ankle, she finds herself in his hands, literally.


I brush my teeth, pull my hair back, lace up my shoes. Grabbing my phone, I step out into the rain, telling myself again, I won’t see him. But if I do, he’s going to get an eyeful. The rain is coming down steadily. Within a minute my bra and shorts are soaked through, the nylon of my shorts plastered to every curve and crevice, my bra transparent.

I run faster than I ever did when I was filled with the burning anger of Shane. I feel light, giddy, free. I turn off into the thicket of the park. It is dark amongst the trees, the rain a light, irregular spatter on my skin, dripping off the leaves above. I tilt my head back and open my mouth to catch a few drops on my tongue, feel it sliding down my arms, my legs, between my breasts.

Then he is there, beside me, closer than he has been before. I can smell him. Sharp acrid sweat and ozone. We stop and look at each other, and in that moment we both know that we are going to fuck. But not yet. I am going to tease him until he is burning for me with a lust as fierce as the white heat of rage I felt for Shane. I’m going to punish him for Shane’s sins. Then I’m going to reward him.

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Top 5 Sexiest Vampires

vampireSorry Team Jacob members, but vampires are, hands down, the sexiest of monsters. Beautiful, elegant and cool on the surface, a roiling pool of undeniable hunger beneath, vampires are Alpha Man to the nth degree. Ever since I read Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire at the tender age of 14, vampires have been the personification of sex in my mind. They exude that perfect combination of menace and desire, and they represent the highest of romantic ideals: Union with a vampire requires the ultimate sacrifice – your life.

Below is a list of my fave celluloid and paper-based vampires. Did I miss anyone? Please add him!

Lestat (Interview with the Vampire):

I’m talking Anne Rice’s creation, here, not Tom Cruise in a yellow wig. Unpredictable and magnetic with a voracious appetite that he rarely denies, Lestat is wicked beyond forgiving, and we love him for it. The way he lures his victims to their sensuous demise is hot, but nothing compares to his seduction of his protégé, Louis.

Louis (Interview with the Vampire):

The perfect foil for Lestat, Louis is the conscience to Lestat’s flagrant hedonism, the cool reason to his violent passion, the love to his (blood)lust. While Lestat is undoubtedly Alpha, Louis is the tortured poet of the vampire world, the dark soul who, with the right love, from the right woman, can be turned to the light.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula:

The original blood-sucking baddie, Dracula is creepily intriguing, but it is Gary Oldman’s portrayal of the count that I’m thinking of. The way he seduces Mina’s bestie Lucy in the garden before turning his attentions on wife-look-alike Mina is undeniably hot. However, it is the subtler scene where he persuades Mina to try absinthe that showcase his true powers of seduction, leading her down a path with no way out but submission to his desires.

Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night):

If you didn’t see the original  Fright Night (1985), and you’ve got a thing for vampires, you must. Chris Sarandon as the something’s-not-quite-right-about-him neighbor is chilling and charming in equal measure. Okay, you’ve got to ignore the eighties hair and shoulder-pads, but the way he eats an apple would make any woman wish she were that piece of fruit.

David (The Lost Boys):

Oh, the fantasies this film inspired in my (then) virginal teenage hormone-saturated mind. Jason Patrick AND a hot Kiefer Sutherland together in one vampire movie? It was almost too much. While Jason’s character Michael was a nice piece of eye-candy, it was Kiefer’s bold and aggressive David who really had my knickers in a twist. And the little sparring dance that Michael and David did that bordered on the homoerotic? Hot, indeed.

Dishonorable Mention:

Edward (Twilight):

Maybe this indicates a major flaw in my character, but Edward Cullen was only sexy while he was sleep-stalking Bella and avoiding her by day. While he was out-of-reach and vaguely hostile, he was hot. Once he revealed his true feelings for Bella and it came out that he was a peacenik who shunned human blood for politically correct animal prey, he became as sexy as mud.

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