First George Michael. Then Carrie Fisher. Now This.


The email was brief and to the point. After a year in the red, All Romance E-Books is closing its doors. As of December 31st, your go-to shop for digital romance will join David Bowie, Prince and all hope for America’s future (see my post on the US election) in the list of 2016’s casualties.

It’s not like All Romance and I had a long relationship, or that I depended on my royalties from them to pay my rent. In fact, I just discovered them a year or so ago.

Like the election of Trump, it’s what the company’s death represents, or the trend it’s indicative of:

Smaller companies unable to compete against corporate monsters. And perhaps, fewer people spending money on romance novels. Or, at least, spending less on the authors All Romance supported – indie author and authors with small and digital-first publishing companies.

I wish all the best to Lori James and the crew at All Romance. I’m sure their decision to fold was as heart-wrenching as some of the books on their virtual shelves. And I feel for all the authors who sold their hard-crafted works through the website and are facing the thought of not receiving their full royalties.

I will be accepting All Romance’s offer to pay ten percent of the royalties owed to be for Q4, but then, I don’t have a lot to lose. For other authors, it may not be so easy. I get that. But still, I urge compassion.

2016 has been a year of horrible loss. Let’s not make it any worse.



Recipes for a Perfect Holiday

Much as I want to love the holidays, sometimes I need a little Christmas cheer in a cup to help me. These are my seasonal go-tos.

To Perk You Up:

When you’ve got a long day of shopping, baking or gift wrapping ahead of you, here’s something with a bit of pep (permint) to wake you up:


To Calm You Down:

If the weather’s miserable and you just need a quiet night in, here’s some liquid calm to help you unwind from the holiday madness:


To Heat You Up:

When the presents have been unwrapped and the last bite of pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding has been eaten, here’s a recipe to help you through the post-holiday slump.


Just click on this link! December 26th only.

Let’s Get Festive!


‘Tis the season to party it up!

Join me tomorrow, December 15 at 9:30 AM, as I get the ball rolling at Evernight Publishing’s Heat Up Your Holiday extravaganza! I’ll be talking about Christmas on the beach, sharing my secret recipe for coffee with a seasonal twist and giving a special Christmas gift to one lucky winner.

But the fun doesn’t end there. On Friday, December 16 at 5:00 PM, I’ll be at erotic romance author Cameron Allie’s launch party for her debut novel My Mistletoe Master. On the agenda: a romantic Christmas memory, sexy seasonal traditions and a cocktail guaranteed to put you in the mood.

So make like Saint Nick in the photo above. Grab your favorite cup of cheer, fire up Facebook and get ready to party!