March 2017 Newsletter



If you’ve never been, I strongly recommend you put a trip to the Emerald Isle at the top of your bucket list.

The people are as warm as the weather is cool. The towns are picturesque and the vistas are blindingly beautiful. Heel-kicking live music is ubiquitous and the food, even humble pub grub, is divine.

And when you apologize for something (as we Canadians always seem to be doing), people say, “Ah, you’re grand!”

You’re grand.

Isn’t that so much better than you’re fine or it’s all right?

And the men.

Well. Think Gabriel Byrne and Michael Fassbender and Colin Farrell. If dimples and twinkling eyes and melodic lilting voices are your thing, that is.

In honor of the patron saint of – in my opinion – the most romantic of countries, I’ve included a short story. It was inspired to my trip to a gorgeous wee town on the coast of County Clare called Lahinch, where there is, of all things, a surf school.

Erin go bragh and Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!