In Case of Emergency, Make Cupcakes


A change is as good as a rest, my mother used to say. I didn’t get it at then, but I do now.

I’ve been working on Tease, Book Two of The Insatiable Need Trilogy ever since Book One, Please, was published. I wrote a full draft before I realized it was as far away from romance as you could get and shoved it in a virtual drawer.

This fall, I started working on it again.

But writing an erotic romance with a sex addict hero is not easy. For one thing, sex addiction is not sexy. If you don’t believe me, watch the movie Shame.

Even Michael Fassbender couldn’t make sex addiction hot.

Not that I’m trying to make sex addiction seem sexy. Behavioral addiction of any kind is a disorder, if not, as many are starting to recognize, a disease. And disease is the enemy of hotness. It’s dark. It’s ugly.

But isn’t conquering darkness to win the heart of a good woman what romance is all about?

My hero will get there. But in the meantime, I’m suffering along with him. And in these dreary days of late winter, I need a break from the darkness.

So I’m taking a page out of my friend and fellow romance writer Cameron Allie’s book. As she wrote in this blog post, you can’t wait on the Muse. If he’s not being cooperative, you’ve got to change things up.*

That’s why I’m putting Tease on hold.

Instead, I’ve been writing something as sweet and light as the frosting on these Zucchini Spice Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting I whipped up recently to inject a little saccharine into my dark mood.


Abbie Hernandez wasn’t looking for love when she sold her successful NYC literary agency and moved back to East Aurora to open The Sweet Somethings Café. But when her unrequited high school crush becomes a regular, Abbie wonders if he’s interested in more than just her Devil’s Food Cake.

If you’d like a taste of my WIP, you can check out the snippets I’ve been posting in the 100 Words a Day Facebook group.

And if you’d like a taste of these cupcakes, you can nab the recipe here.

*Be sure to check out Cameron’s weekly Author Spotlights to meet your next favorite erotic romance author.Nikki Prince, Mira Noire and Sarah Hawthorne (to name just a few) share juicy details about what makes them tick and how they whip that bratty Muse into submission.

100 Words a Day – Now a Facebook Group


Whether you’re writing a hundred words a day, a thousand or ten thousand, keep yourself accountable. Join the group 100 Words a Day on Facebook.

How to do it?

  1. Go to the 100 Words a Day Facebook Group.
  2. Click “Join”.
  3. Once you’ve been added, post in the Discussion. Copy and paste the *best sentence from your day’s writing. Add the hashtag #100wordsaday.
  4. If you’re feeling brave, add your word count. (I haven’t gotten there yet!)
  5. Repeat. Every day.

Join and share! Let’s grow the Slow Words movement.

*Best doesn’t mean literary genius. It’s just the sentence that works for you or speaks to you that day. No judgement! 100 Words is all about support.



Join the 100 Word Challenge!


You’ve got to love synchronicity.*

Last week I wrote about how I was going to take the slow road, writing just 100 words, but consistently doing it every day.

So far, I’ve been averaging 300 words. Because A) what can you say in 100 measly words? And B) writing is like exercising. It may be difficult to contemplate starting, but once you lace up those shoes and start moving, you don’t want to stop.

Then, at the latest meeting of my local chapter of RWA, we had a speaker who convinced me that I need to kick it up a notch.

Usually our speakers are fellow authors who address some aspect of writing – plot, conflict, self-publishing, whatever. But this week was different. Ruth Logan Herne was less about craft or marketing and more about inspiration.

That’s the genre she writes – inspirational romance, code for squeaky clean Christian love stories – which is at the absolute opposite end of the romance spectrum from my work. But she wasn’t there to preach Christian values.She was there to inspire in a different way.

Her workshop? Discouragement: How to Kick it to the Curb.

Her advice was simple: do whatever it takes to sit yourself down every day for half an hour, an hour, whatever you’ve got, and just write.

So far, so doing it.

But she insisted on one other thing. Make yourself accountable.

She suggested joining the Facebook group #1K1HR. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: One thousand words in an hour. You post your challenge to the other members of the group, write for an hour, then post your word count.

But, since 2017 is going to be about slow and gentle for me, I’m not going to go that route. Instead, I’m going to post the “best” sentence I wrote that day on Facebook to keep myself honest. Every day.

“Best” doesn’t mean I think it’s brilliant. “Best” doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get cut. “Best” just means that it made me smile or surprised me or just made me want to write another 100 words.

Want to join me in my 100 word challenge? Write your hundred words. Then post your “best” sentence in the comments on my FB post for the day. #100wordsaday

*According the the Free Dictionary synchronicity is the coincidence of events that appear meaningfully related but do not seem to be causally connected.