Vote for Love


I’ve lived through my share of US elections. This one feels different.

Not different like the 2008 Obama-McCain Election. That felt different, too. Like a young David facing up to an old and intractable Goliath. Like hope. Like change.

This one feels kinda the opposite. Hopeless.

More like the battle between Sauron and Saruman for Middle Earth. A black wizard facing off against one who wears white, but employs the same armies of orcs and trolls. Whoever wins, America loses.*

This election race has been a moral temperature-taking of the American people, and the prognosis is not good.

That a candidate who is blatantly racist, sexist and just plain ignorant has garnered so much support shows that Americans – 46%  of them at last count – are racist, sexist and ignorant, too.

The other side of the political fence isn’t looking so pure, either.

Never mind the whole email scandal, or the unsettling similarity of her candidacy to season 4 of House of Cards. She is a figurehead for America’s broken political system – the cronyism, the influence of special interest groups, the whole political machine that seems to function mainly for its own perpetuation.

As a legal alien, I have all the legal rights an American citizen, bar one: the right to vote. I wasn’t jazzed about that at first. But as E-Day approaches, I’m becoming more and more okay with the fact that whatever the outcome, I hold no responsibility for it.

Instead, I’m going to vote for love.

Or at least, romance. And I encourage you to vote, too, in Evernight Publishing’s 4th Anual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Dance with Me is a contender in the Suspense category. If you’ve read it and liked it, why not vote for it? If you include your name and email when you vote, you’ll be entered into a draw for a $25 Evernight Gift Voucher.

Now, that’s a vote you won’t regret making.



*LOTR fans, please forgive if the reference. I know they didn’t exactly face off and were kind of allies. Hope it’s not the same with Donald and Hillary.

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