Please Review Carefully




A reviewer friend and fellow emerging writer April L.Wood recently shared this bit of wisdom with me:

All reviews are good. Even the bad ones.

If you are a new writer who has been on the business end of a one or two star review, you might not agree. Bad reviews hurt and not in a mosquito-bite way. In a bee-sting way. Burning and long-lasting.

And potential readers see those bad reviews. They could hurt sales. How can that be good?

Sure, there’s the old “any publicity is good publicity” thing.  But there’s more to it than that.

According to my friend, those “bad” reviews lend credibility to your writing. They show that the reviews were not just written by your friends and relatives – people who have a vested interest in pleasing you. They show that your work is being read by people you won’t see at your next family reunion or PTA meeting.

Not only that, but your writing is having an effect on those people. Making people think. Feel. React.

You know how busy we all are these days. That one-star review shows that someone cared enough about your work to set aside the time to write and post the review.

After all, hate is not the opposite of love. Indifference is.

That said, it feels pretty darn good when you get a positive review, like the one from TJ at Scandalicious for my newly released romantic suspense Dance with Me.


Here’s a quote:

“We get a little of everything in his book. A smart and sassy heroine, a sexy and oh so sweet hero. An overbearing controlling mother, a crazy Russian villain. Chock-full of suspense, laughter and erotic sexy times!”

You can read the full review here.

A big shout-out to TJ, Scandalicious and all the people who take the time to write book reviews, good, bad or ugly. We who are about to write salute you!


5 thoughts on “Please Review Carefully

  1. As a reader I don’t like leaving negative reviews. I want to love all the books I read! And when it comes to reading them…sometimes I’ll look at a bad review and think that the issues people had with the book are not things that will bother me, so as long as there are some good reviews to balance it a bad review may not impact my decision to read. And lots of wildly popular, got turned into a movie franchise books have one and two star reviews. Not everyone likes everything!

    • You’re right, Laura. Reading is such a subjective experience. Choosing a book is not like buying a barbecue or something. We all bring our histories, baggage, likes and dislikes to the table when we open a book, whether we are aware of it or not.

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