Creative Arousal

Someone recently asked me this: Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

For me, the spark that ignites each story comes from a different place. Just as two relationships never begin the same way, neither do two stories.It can be a snatch of overheard conversation. An image. A chance encounter. A memory.

Often by the time the novel or story has gone through edits, revisions and drafts, I might not remember exactly where the seed idea came from. That’s so not the case with Dance with Me.

It all began when a friend posted this video on their Facebook timeline. Take a minute (or four) to watch it.

I’m a long-time ballet lover, but even if you’re not, you can’t help being impressed.That grace. That power. Those gravity-defying leaps. That incredible body. But what really got me was the naked emotion not just in every movement, but also in each facial expression. That was not acting. That was real turmoil, angst, and desire.

Then there were his tattoos.

If you follow this blog or my Pinterest boards, you know I’ve got kind of a thing for inked men, especially those with razor-sharp cheekbones and chiseled abs.But there was way more to this than aesthetic appeal.

You expect tattoos on a musician. Even a soccer player or a surfer. But a ballet dancer? Tattoos may have lost their underworld association, but ballet has a reputation for being posh, refined, prissy, even.

So what kind of a dancer covers his body with images you’d be more likely to find on a member of a nihilistic punk band or a biker gang? Only a rebel would do that. Where there’s rebellion, there’s conflict. And where there’s conflict, there’s a juicy story waiting to be told.

Dance with Me is no Sergei Polunin biography. If you’re after that, check out Dancer, coming to select theaters in the US in September.

But if you want a sexy fictional joyride that takes you from lofty spaces of the Lincoln Center to the gritty alleys of Little Odessa, Dance with Me is 25% off at Evernight Publishing for a limited time. It’s also available at full price in the Amazon Kindle Store and All Romance E-books.


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