Dance with Me: Launches July 26th!

“Hey, it’s my job to get the story. I came ready to interview you like I interview all my subjects. The vodka, the kisses, that was your game.”

Just a little teaser today.

My steamy romantic suspense Dance with Me will be released through Evernight Publishing in just 12 days!

This space is going to get busier.

Things to look forward to?

  • Dance with Me Cover Reveal
  • Dance with Me Launch Spicy Snippet Countdown
  • Dance with Me Excerpt Reveal
  • Dance with Me Release Day Raffle

Want to get a head start on the fun?

Head over to my Goodreads author page for a sneak peak at the cover. Or click here to join my email list and get instant entry into my Release Day Raffle.

Dance with Me – July 26th at Evernight and most major e-book distributors:

When ambitious reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong agrees to dancer Alexi Davydenko’s naughty drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every question he answers – she’s only thinking about getting her story. But Alexi has a hidden agenda and secret ties to the Russian Mob. Though Sherry has never let anything stand in her way, this time getting the scoop might mean losing her heart. Or her life.

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