Pride Giveaway

NY Rainbow

Pride Month has officially ended but honestly, it’s not about a parade, is it?

LGBTQ pride should last all year long! In the spirit of extending that pride, I’m running my first Rafflecopter.

The prizes? One e-copy of  Please, my erotic romance set in NYC

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One $5 gift certificate to use on any of the schmexy books at Evernight Publishing.



and one I Heart NY Pride pin.

And all you have to do is click on this link to enter.


Okay, full disclosure. You’ll be prompted to either visit my Facebook page, comment on one of my recent blog posts (why not this one?) or follow me on Twitter.

Here’s an excerpt.

The long line of beautiful faces outside Crack was almost exclusively male, Elizabeth noticed as Sebastian exchanged greetings with the enormous muscled bouncer and steered her past the velvet rope.

“Is this a gay bar?” she asked, raising her voice to be heard over the pounding bass of a Lady Gaga song.

Sebastian just raised his eyebrows and grinned. The answer was obvious. Slim young boys in tight white t-shirts and leather leggings sipped cocktails, looking over the rims of their glasses with bored eyes. Steroid-ripped men in tank tops danced with each other while waxed-chested blond boys in nothing but work boots and daisy dukes gyrated on raised platforms, grinding against floor-to-ceiling poles like cheap strippers. Elizabeth spotted a few women, and a few more men dressed like women.

“What are we doing here?” she asked, noticing that, unlike at the Latin club they had gone to that first night, they were definitely not being ignored here. She saw many quick glances and more blatant stares in their direction. At first she thought it was because she was a woman. Then she realized that the men were looking at Sebastian.

“We’re here to dance,” Sebastian said, pulling her onto the dance floor. She felt a little self-conscious at first, but as Sebastian made it clear that all his attention was on her, she loosened up and let the music flow through her.

He held her close to him and pressed his mouth to her ear. “Gay bars play the best dance music, don’t you think?” Elizabeth nodded, swaying her hips and closing her eyes, lost in the music.

They had been dancing for about an hour – or ten songs, as Elizabeth counted – when Sebastian asked, “Do you want something from the bar?”

“Water,” Elizabeth said, looking at him gratefully.

She kept moving to the music while Sebastian went to the bar. Her eyes were closed, but she felt someone moving beside her. She opened her eyes.

The boy dancing next to her looked to be in his early twenties. His white-blond head was close-cropped like Sebastian’s but he had wide blue eyes and his skin was milky pale in the blue light of the bar. He was watching Elizabeth, smiling.

“Nice catch,” he said, jerking his head in the direction of the bar where Sebastian was talking to the bartender. Elizabeth noticed several men watching Sebastian, practically licking their lips. Not that she could blame them.

“Thanks,” she shouted over the music. She closed her eyes again, winding her hips with the beat, but she felt a hand on her shoulder and opened them again.

It was the same boy. He moved closer to her, synching his body with hers. He was very pretty, Elizabeth observed. His face had that androgynous beauty that she associated with paintings of angels, and his body, under his Hanes t-shirt and jeans, was slim yet muscular. He looked up through his blond lashes at her, coyly.

“You looking for a third?” he asked.

Elizabeth laughed, shocked. She shook her head.

“Maybe,” she heard Sebastian’s voice behind her, then felt him pressing against her. She turned to look at him, but his eyes were on the boy. She stopped dancing.

“You like women?” Sebastian asked.

The boy shrugged. “I like her,” he said gesturing to Elizabeth, touching a strand of her hair. “I like you.” His eyes met Sebastian’s. The look in them wasn’t hard to decipher. It was pure sex.

Sebastian stared at the boy for a moment. Elizabeth just watched, speechless. Then Sebastian nodded. “Meet us at the Mercer in half an hour..” He scribbled her room number on a piece of paper and handed it to the boy with a wink. Then he grabbed Elizabeth’s arm, pulling her off the dance floor. She followed, stunned into silence.

By the time they got outside and hailed a cab, Elizabeth had recovered.

“Uh, Sebastian, what the fuck is going on?” she said, though she thought she had a pretty good idea.

Sebastian frowned at her, putting gentle fingers on her lips. “Sh. You shouldn’t curse. It doesn’t suit you.”

“Sebastian!” Elizabeth hissed. The cab driver glanced at her in the rear-view mirror.

Sebastian put his hands on her shoulders, pulling her close to him. He whispered into her ear. “I’m going to bring your fantasy to life.”

What happens next? I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Or you could win the raffle and find out.

Click here to enter!

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