Sexy in the City


woman in city

Some people are drawn to the coziness of small towns. Others crave the serenity of the wide open plains, the woods, or the mountains. I get that. I can see the allure of small-town life, all vanilla-scented neighborliness. I even fantasize about buying an acre or five in the middle of nowhere and going off-grid. Of course, I know I never will. I’m a city girl and always will be. At least in my writing.

Over the years I’ve lived in a lot of different cities and visited many more, and the settings of my short stories and novels reflect that. London. Rio de Janeiro. Chicago. Dubai. But there’s one city that I keep coming back to, again and again. New York.

It’s not just that NYC is the iconic urban jungle, the most contemporary of settings for a contemporary erotic romance. New York is one sexy city. The sexiest, I think. Here’s why.

New York is full of beautiful people

Just take a walk down Madison Avenue or a stroll through the Village. Sure, there are plenty of average folks. But most people in New York look amazingly good. They work out. They groom. They know their product. They care about what clothes they wear. A lot.

It probably helps that NYC is America’s leader in both the fashion and modeling industry and has its fair share of actors. Average salary and disposable income surely come in to play as well. But on a purely anecdotal level, there is an unholy abundance of eye-candy that you just wouldn’t find in, say, Cleveland.

New York has your favorite flavor

If you’ve got a type, you’ll find him (or her) in New York. Black, white, Latino, Samoan, gay, straight, bi, trans, hipster, goth, rockabilly, retro eighties punk python lover, they’re all there. You could literally come face to face the man of your dreams. What could be sexier than that?

New York is throbbing with desire

The old saying still holds true. Ask ten people on a New York street where they come from and only one will say New York.

Why do people move to NYC? Because they want more. Because they want to be actors, writers, cutthroat lawyers, and Wall Street rainmakers. Because they want, period. All that naked ambition, all that intense desire to have, to do, to be is a palpable force. An enlivening energy. And that’s undeniably hot.

New York has so many sexy spaces

Whatever your definition of a sexy setting, New York’s got it. Sleek minimalist penthouse? Check. Arty bohemian loft? Check. Leather and chrome S&M dungeon? Check. Its public spaces are pretty damn sexy, too. From the stripped down post-apocalyptic vibe of the High Line Park to the bars and clubs that cater to every imaginable aesthetic, NYC’s got it covered. Got a fantasy sex setting? You’ll find it there.

New York cleans up well but is dirty deep down

It’s no secret that NYC has a dark and gritty past. While these days you probably have as much chance of getting mugged in a suburban mall as on most streets in Manhattan, it wasn’t too long ago that the City was a dangerous place. And like the romance novel hero with a shadowy history, there’s something incredibly hot about that. An unpredictability. The feeling that if you just scratch the surface, something you never expected will be revealed. It’s compellingly layered, intriguingly unknown. Just like a good erotic romance.

And that’s why I heart NY.

How about you? Where’s your sexiest city?


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