Beautiful Games

football player (2)It was the summer of 2014. I had World Cup Fever, and I had it bad.

In general, I have pretty close to zero interest in soccer, football, whatever you want to call it. Bicycle kicks? Pah! The offside rule? I couldn’t care less. But lean-muscled men in sweat-soaked shorts running across the pitch like cheetahs on the hunt? Yes, please!

I watched several games, but I couldn’t tell you the scores of any. Well, except for Germany’s brutal 7-1 thrashing of Brazil. That was painful. But I can tell you who wears his shirt a size too small (Hulk), who makes the cutest faces when he screws up (Neymar) and who has the best legs (yep, Klose, I’m talking about you).

Not to objectify them.

I mean, of course we all like a bit of eye-candy. But it goes beyond that. These men’s bodies are finely tuned machines. Their mind-body connection is so refined, and their reflexes are so honed. When they are on the pitch, each movement is calculated and controlled. They are fully present in their bodies. It got me thinking.

Wouldn’t they be the same in the bedroom?

Enter my new short story collection, Hot Shots: Erotic Adventures with Athletes.

Here’s a taste.


When Sasha agrees to be Joachim’s English tutor, she’s only hoping to make a quick buck. But after the sexy striker greets her at the door of his Rio penthouse in low-slung pair jeans and nothing else, she has a hard time thinking about vocabulary lists. She may be his teacher, but Joachim is looking to give her a lesson in seduction…

Going for Gold

Angel booked a villa at Sanctuary hoping to get away from it all. What she he wasn’t expecting was the hard-bodied Olympic swimmer in the bungalow across from hers offering to help her with her strokes.

Runner’s High

Two runners meet in the pre-dawn park. She plans to tease him until the breaking point, but after twisting her ankle, she finds herself in his hands, literally.

Hot Shots goes live on Amazon Kindle on Thursday, April 7.

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