Please and Thank You!

But let me start with the thank you. If you bought Please or if you downloaded it on one of its free days and read it, thank you. If you took the time to write a review about it, glowing or not, thank you. If you told your friends about it, thank you.

Those reviews and recommendations are a huge help for a fledgling indie author such as myself. Without a big (or any, really) marketing budget, word of mouth and Amazon/Goodreads reviews are the only way people will hear about it.

Plus, it just makes my day to know that someone really liked it!

I’ve posted my first 5 star review, below. Or you can read all the reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

5.0 out of 5 stars Please and thank you! July 3, 2014

By Yvie

This book had me screaming at the main character for most of the book. As a wife and mother I was yelling, “Oh, you’re a horrible person!” As a woman with many book boyfriends I was saying, “Oh yeah!” This book is great – highly erotic but not overly sexual. It kept me guessing as to what would happen until the end. Then when I read the last paragraph/last line I was like “WHAT?!?” I also loved that the main character wasn’t a mid-twenties year old virgin. She was a real woman with plenty to lose, and that made me feel more invested in her character and the outcome of the book. Well done!

And now for the please. If you have read Please and have something to say about it, whether it be rapturous praise (wink!) or constructive criticism, please consider taking a few minutes to post a review about it.

Thank you!

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