4 Stars…Getting Closer!

Here is a thoughtful and honest review of Please by Emily at Sensual Reads. Click HERE to link to the site or just read it below.

Review: Please by Hazel Hughes

“Erotic Romance…”
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 About the Book: 
Genre: See Review
Page Count: 1.99
Price: $ .99
Reviewer: Emily
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 StarsAuthor’s Website: https://hazelhughesromance.com/please/

Romance writer Elizabeth Holmes should be having the time of her life.  Her novel is being made into  a movie, her children and husband are healthy and doing well, even so she does have to admit her life has become a bit stagnate.  Being called in as a consultant on the movie, Elizabeth takes the opportunity, but she never expects to become an interest for Hollywood playboy Sebastian.  Sebastian’s desire is relentless and Elizabeth is having a hard time resisting.  What happens next is a unexpected.


Well written story.  I thought that Elizabeth was relatable and the author captures the emotions she is battling between her husband who sees her but not really and a man who exudes everything she wants but should not have.   I will say that the story as a bit out of my typical comfort zone but the subject is handled in such a way that you understand the choices that Elizabeth is facing.  If you’re looking for a different style of book about a woman’s own self journey, this is one to pick up.







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