Use Your Imagination

woman-on-bedYou love your husband. Of course, you do. You nurse him when he’s sick, listen to him whine about his incompetent coworkers, pick up his dirty boxers when he leaves them on the floor next to the laundry hamper. Again. These are all acts of love. And about as likely to make you want to dive into bed with him and a tube of KY as a trip to the dentist – unless, of course, you have a really hot dentist.

Let’s face it. A lot of the things that are great about long term relationships are surefire killers of desire. Security. Stability. Domesticity. Routine.

Anyone in a long-term relationship has either asked themselves this question or has found an amazing aphrodisiac that they’re not sharing with the rest of us:

How do you keep desire alive?

Check one of the following:

a) a wardrobe of sexy lingerie to rival Kim Kardashian’s

b) a membership to the Sex Toy of the Month club

c) porn

d) an open mind

Ah, you’re smart cookies, so I’m sure you know the answer. But check out what psychologist and expert on human sexuality Esther Perel has to say about it by clicking here. Of course, a well-stocked library of erotic romance doesn’t hurt, either.

Riding out a Dry Spell


Hey, we all have ’em, right? Just not feeling that special tingle. Not in the mood. No, I’m not talking about having sex. Just writing about it.

So what do you do to get over a dry spell in the bedroom or on the page?

That’s easy. Jump up on that, er, horse (man, laptop, whatever) and ride it into the sunrise. Yeah, I know you’d rather be eating Ben & Jerry’s from the carton and watching Modern Family. But look at it like this:

Writing about sex (or having it) is a lot like exercise. Starting is the hardest part. You may not feel like it, but I guarantee that once you start, you’re going to want to keep on going. Those creative juices begin to flow and suddenly you feel like you could do this forever. Of course, you can’t. People need to eat, sleep, have the occasional shower. But when you do stop, having temporarily satisfied that creative urge, you’re going to want to do it again. And again. Soon.

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