Younger Man: What’s not to love?


I’m reading Callie Hart‘s Deviant right now, and I have to say, I’m hooked. It’s the perfect blend of story (dark story, which I love) and sex (dark sex, which I also love). If you haven’t read it, and you like the dark stuff, you should pick it up. There’s only one thing that’s gnawing at me, and it’s not specific to Deviant. In fact, it seems to be common to romance, and that is the age differential. Is it just me, or is the younger man/older woman pairing about as common as lobster at an all-you-can-eat buffet? And why is that?

Sure the younger man/ older woman scenario is not exactly commonplace in real life, either. But let’s face it, romance-writers, erotic or otherwise, trade in fantasy. As far as I know, there aren’t bucket-loads of billionaires contracting virginal young things as sex-slaves, either, but there seem to be plenty on the bookshelf.

My theory is – and it is far from original –  that sex is all about power. There are all kinds of power that our Alpha Males can wield – physical, financial, emotional, intellectual, social, and, of course, sexual. Age is power, too, perhaps the original, most primitive power. We are taught from day one to look up to those older than us. Respect. Obey.

In my erotic romance, Please, I try to tip the age dynamic on its head. My alpha male, Sebastian, is younger than his prey, Elizabeth. But the up-and-coming actor earned his sexual chops on the twisted streets of Tinsel-town. While she’s never strayed far from the missionary position, he has a list of conquests literally tattooed on his body and an all-consuming need to dominate. The naïve novelist’s got a lot to learn and Sebastian intends to school her, the hard way.

Please is available for the rest of April in The Amazon Kindle Store for just $0.99.

The photo, above, is from the movie, Unfaithful, a hot May-December reverso if there ever was one.

Have you read a younger man/ older woman erotic romance that you love?

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