Why do we love a love triangle?

A couple of days ago, I posted about infidelity. I got some interesting comments, not all of them lovey-dovey, but hey, that’s cool. I love a good debate. Those comments got me thinking more about how infidelity in general, and the love triangle in particular, has been the subject of many a tragic romance, real and imagined, since forever.

The one that sprang to mind was The Legend of King Arthur, a noble and righteous warrior king who was wedded to the young and lovely Guinevere. King Arthur was such a great leader that he inspired crazy devotion among those who fought for him; most crazily devoted of all was the strapping young Lancelot. Then Lancelot met Guinevere. Trumpets blared, angels sang. True love. But how could Lancelot betray his mentor, his patron, his boss. And how could the saintly Guinevere break Arthur’s heart?

Most versions of the story have Lancelot and Guinevere shagging on the sly, Arthur suspicious but unsure, all three deeply unhappy, trapped in a triangle where nobody lives happily ever after. It’s a shame they couldn’t work it out. I think that would have made an excellent M/F/M ménage.

Of course, a menage could never work in real life, not long-term. Or could it? I know a woman who is in a live-in relationship with a married couple. Those of us who know and love her keep waiting for the explosion, the fall-out. It’s been two years. We’re still waiting.

Could a long-term menage be the solution to the age-old love triangle problem? Something to think about.

Speaking of ménage, I’ll be posting a new free erotic romance story tomorrow. Two Hot is the story of Julie, a lawyer who thinks she’s too good for the working-class town her firm sends her to. Then she meets Clint, a clean-cut personal trainer, and his dangerously sexy cop friend Roque, who aim to teach Julie a few lessons in humility, in the most delicious way possible.

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