Top 5 Alpha Males from Classic Literature

Ooh, those take-charge, take-no-prisoners alphas.

  1.  Heathcliff – Wuthering Heights: This brooding man of the moors ticks all my boxes. Uncertain past, check. Challenging upbringing leading to a need to not only prove himself to all his detractors, but put them in their places, mercilessly, check. Commanding physical presence, aka, hot bod, check. Deep, simmering passion for his one true love, Catherine, check.
  2. Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre: The only way to describe this Alpha is layered. The dark mistake from his past (locked away both figuratively,in his heart, and literally, in his home) under-shadows everything his does. Yes, he plays with poor Jane’s heart. Yes, he can be cruel. But dammit, that only makes you want him more.
  3. Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice: Oh, Mr. Darcy. Arrogant on the outside, principled on the inside. Your seemingly casual slights are just infuriating enough to make us want to know more.
  4. Othello – Othello: Tall, dark and handsome, indeed. A man’s man, a military man, one whose troops would willingly follow him into battle. Also possessive and jealous to the point of murder. But that’s the thing with alphas isn’t it? They are a mixed, unpredictable bag. Either dark and brooding with a heart of gold, or charming and beguiling with a tortured soul. Complex. A mystery we want to solve.
  5. Oliver Mellors – Lady Chatterly’s Lover: Yes, he’s the gamekeeper on Lord Chatterly’s estate, but we’re never in any doubt that ain’t nobody’s the boss of him, least of all Lord Chatterly, whose wife he’s taking to new heights of pleasure on the regular. He’s a man of few words, but oh,those words. He was the inspiration for the nameless, working class hero who puts my protagonist, Celeste, in her place in my free erotic short story Down,Girl.

Oh, and one dishonorable mention. Though Gone with the Wind’s Rhett Butler may be on many a woman’s list, but he’s not on mine. Sure he’s charming, commanding and arrogant. Sure, he doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants. My problem is with what he wants. Scarlett? That flighty, self-absorbed little narcissist? Please.

Speaking of please. My newly released erotic romance, Please, is available in the Amazon Kindle Store for just $2.99.

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