Hump Day Free Erotic Short Story


Oops! I lied in my last post. No Top 5 Alpha Males from Classic Literature today. I’ll post about that tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about leather.

How do you feel about leather? I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I would never wear a leather skirt or pants. Well, at least not in public.

What is it about leather? Maybe it’s the smell. No matter how many chemicals and dyes it’s treated with, it still has that underlying animal scent, a musky, earthy smell that triggers primal memories of running through fields, long grasses whipping at your flanks, drinking from spring-fed streams, rutting with the urgency and abandon of the hunted.

Maybe it’s the feel. Cool and slick at first touch, it grows warmer and softer the longer you maintain contact with it. It’s like a living thing, changing, responding under your hand, molding to your body.

Maybe it’s leather’s backstory. All the subliminal associations buried in the most primitive part of our brains. From cavemen to cowboys, bikers to rockers, the toughest and wildest of men have worn leather.

Or maybe it’s the simple fact that leather is skin. And skin is, if not the sexiest, then certainly the most sensual of organs.

The heroine of today’s free erotic short story loves leather, too.

Leslie has a wicked fantasy about being taken from behind by a masked man dressed head-to-toe in leather, a fantasy her live-in-lover, Giles, has never indulged. But today’s her thirtieth birthday, and Leslie’s about to get a hot, hard, leather-wrapped present she will never forget.

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