Alpha Adulation Part 1

Let’s talk alpha males.

When I posted my free erotic short story, Down, Girl, I gave it another read through first. I wrote it years ago. In fact it was the first erotic short I ever wrote, before I even knew there was such thing as erotic romance. The alpha male in Down, Girl is a nameless bad boy with a soft spot for animals and the heroine of the story, Celeste. The hard-bodied young construction worker catches Celeste’s eye when he’s helping her sleazy neighbor fix his roof and he becomes the object of her very private, never-to-be-acted-on fantasies. Little does she know that he has noticed her, too. He, however, intends to make his fantasies about her real in every way.

Though I had no idea when I wrote it, Down, Girl‘s alpha male would become a kind of prototype for Sebastian, the sexy young actor with a thing for older women who is the alpha male in my newly released erotic romance novel, Please. They both have their hair cut high and tight over their sculpted cheekbones and bottomless black eyes. They both have lean, muscled bodies and that creamy brown skin that could belong to almost any nationality – black, First Nations, Indian, Arab, Italian, Hispanic – or a tantalizingly ambiguous blend. They both demand complete submission and deliver the kind of satisfaction that leaves their lovers craving another hit.

And – somewhat embarrassingly – Sebastian seems to have stolen some of Down, Girl‘s top dog’s signature moves! Both men have a thing for nipping at ears and tracing a long, slow line with their tongues along their lovers’ jawbones, from chin to ear, ending with a suggestive whisper or husky demand. Naughty!

In tomorrow’s post I want to get into what exactly it is that makes an alpha male and why we love them, despite their often wicked ways.

And on Wednesday, I plan to post my Top Five Alpha Males from some of my favorite reads. I’ll also be posting another free erotic romance short story, this one with a completely different kind of alpha, a maverick with a hot spot for leather. Mmm.

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