“Please” coming soon…


I’ll be cracking open the bubbly tomorrow! Why? It’s the soft launch of my first erotic romance, Please. And hey, even soft releases demand bubbles, right?

Please is the story of Elizabeth Holmes, a romance novelist from Nowheresville, Iowa whose married sex-life is the equivalent of vanilla soft-serve.That all changes when her novel is optioned by a hot-shot director who flies her to NYC to be the on-set script consultant.

It’s there that she first meets small-screen stud Sebastian Faulkner. Hot and hard-bodied, the young actor wastes no time letting Elizabeth know that he’s ready to pour his chilli-spiked salted-caramel sauce all over her vanilla. Though Elizabeth is tempted, she’s not about to trash her marriage vows for a night of passion with a man who has a reputation as a serial seducer, no matter how persuasive he is.

But what Sebastian wants is not just one night of throw-down, no-holds-barred sex. What he wants is Elizabeth’s complete submission. And Sebastian always gets what he wants.

Want to read more? Check out the first chapter here, or select it from the drop-down menu under Please.

Sebastian doesn’t feature heavily in the first chapter, so if you want to see what our bad boy gets up to when he’s got Elizabeth alone, check out this spicy excerpt, too.

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