No hearts and flowers

If you’re looking for hearts and flowers and until death do us part, you’ve come to the wrong blog, baby.

The free erotic romance stories that you’ll find in my pages are short on sugar, long on sex. I thought about calling this blog Hazel Hughes Erotica but what I write is not pure get-your-rocks-off erotic fiction. I write about pleasure, passion and pushing boundaries. And every story is one of genuine affection and tenderness, no matter how quick and dirty it is.

You’ll probably notice that most of my heroines, though fierce women, let their men take control in bed. What can I say? That’s how I roll. Though I might switch it up every once in a blue moon, I like my men alpha all the way – commanding, confident and cocksure – ready to show their women things about pleasure they hadn’t even dreamed.

My goal is to publish one free erotic romance short story on this blog every month, but to celebrate the launch of my first ER novel, Please, this month I’ll be posting one a week, so get ’em while they’re hot.

Speaking of hot, let me give you a taste of my first story,Down, Girl.

She, moneyed, married, mid-thirties. He, a construction worker with eyes like shards of dark glass and a hard twenty-year old ass. In her fantasies, she rides him bareback like a wild stallion, but when he gets her alone, he makes it clear that her place is under him, begging for more.

Want more? It’s available in my collection of erotic shorts, Submit: Giving in to Pleasure in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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